UV Power Puck® II and Uvicure Plus® II

The Power Puck II (four band) and UviCure Plus II (single band) are small, portable, self-contained radiometers that measure UV peak irradiance (Watts/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) in UV curing applications. The instruments can be configured in Graph (irradiance profile on the display), All Channel (data) or Reference (stored reading) Modes. Batteries (AAA) are user changeable and instruments are available in 10 W/cm2, 1 W/cm2 and 100 milliWatt/cm2 ranges.​


The MicroCure is an extremely small radiometer that samples at an effective sample rate of 2048 Hz. This small size allows it to be used im small curing applications such as cans, tubes, bottles; small fixturs including medical chambers and digital printing. The EIT DataReader is used to display the peak irradiance (W/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) collected by the MicroCure. Each MicroCure is good for 200 readings or approximately one year; whichever comes first. The MicroCure is available in UVA (10 Watt, 2 Watt and 200 mW).


SpotCure UV Intensity monitor is a hand-held UV radiometer used to measure the output of spot-curing systems to determine light guide degradation. SpotCure’s measurement head accommodates light guides of various sizes. The unit displays the peak irradiance in W/cm².