Profiling Radiometer

Profiling Radiometer

PowerMAP® II

The EIT PowerMAP II is a Profiling Radiometer that provides the Irradiance (W/cm2), Energy Density (J/cm2), Irradiance Profile (W/cm2 as a function of time) and Temperature Profile (C O) as function of time. The PowerMAP II is new and is 60% smaller than the first PowerMAP. It measures EIT UVA, UVB, UVC and UVV. 

The sample rate is user adjustable (128-2048 Hz) and it has a 10 W/cm2 dynamic range, large memory, rechargeable batteries and a ‘pause’ feature which allows you to crerate up to 8 different files on the production floor.

Power Puck® II Profiler &
UviCure® Plus II Profiler

The “Profiler” versions of their Power Puck II/UviCure Plus II function as a Standard units with the added ability to transfer the irradiance profile to a computer. The transferred data can be analyzed with EIT’s PowerView II/PowerView III  Software to allow analysis, sharing, storage and comparison of readings. Profiler units offer ease of use on the production floor (display) with the display and ability to more detailed information when profiling capabilities are needed. The sample rate of the irradiance profile transferred to a computer is 128 Hz. Faster sample rates and a thermocouple are available with the EIT PowerMAP II. Batteries (AAA) are user changeable and instruments are available in 10 W/cm2, 1 W/cm2 and 100 milliWatt/cm2 ranges.