UV Measuring

UV Measuring

Why is UV Measurement Important?

End users rely on UV measurment to monitor their process, and to troubleshoot when things go wrong. Bus suppliers often need to help establish these specifications. Like any specification process, clear communication is essential to ensure that the recipient of the information clearly understands what the provider intends. To that extent, a specification that includes the basic elements needed to replicate the process is needed. UV measurment includes a description related to wavelength, irradiance (typically peak irradiance) and energy density (dose). Some factors that can influence irradiance measurments include filtering, solarization, and cosine error. Working with Six Sigma, we show you factors that can influence energy density, how reflectors influence measurments, and how to select the right radiometer for your process.


    • UV Power Puck® II
    • Uvicure Plus®
    • MicroCure®
    • SpotCure®

LED Radiometer

    • LEDCure™

Profiling Radiometer

    • Power Puck® II Profiler
    • UviCure® Plus II Profiler
    • PowerMAP® II