UV Curing

UV Curing

Best Drying or Curing Process Solution!

Ultraviolet curing (commonly known as UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks, coatings or adhesives. 

UV formulations are liquid monomers and oligomers mixed with a small percent of photoinitiators, and then exposed to UV energy. In a few seconds, the formulation – inks, coatings or adhesives instantly “harden” or cure, ready for the next processing step.


Area Curing

    • LightHammer® Series
    • F Series

Spot Curing

    • OmniCure®  LX500 LED
    • OmniCure®  S Series

Custom Work

    • Mounting Solutions
    • Light Shields
    • Conveyors