Adhesion Control

Adhesion Control

Plasma & Flame Surface Treatment Improves Adhesion


With over forty years of manufacturing experience, Enercon has a stellar reputation for designing innovative professional grade equipment that delivers reliability and repeatability. Enercron’s plasma and flame treaters can be mounted in a fixed position over a conveyor or indexing system. They may also be integrated with robotics for precise treatment patterns. Systems are designed to be controlled either locally with intuitive user interfaces or with integrated network control. Enercon’s surface treating products cover the globe and can be found in operation with automotive, medical, converting, packaging, solar, aerospace, folding carton, wire and cable, construction, window and door, assembly, printing, manufacturing & plastics applications. 


Plasma treaters produce plasma surface treatment to promote the adhesion of inks, adhesives, coatings, sealants & paints. Manufacturers integrate in-line plasma treatment equipment to enhance adhesion on plastics, composites, metals & glass surfaces. The plasma pretreatment process cleans, etches, & functionalizes surfaces to activate bonding sites by increasing wettability & surface energy.


Powerful flame treatment with precise control improves adhesion on plastics, glass, metals, and more. Enercron Flame Plasma Treaters offer safe and reliable surface treatment for any flat or dimensional surface. Their advanced combustion control architecture and unique high velocity power burner ensures powerful and repeatable surface treating results.


    • Blown-ion™
    • Blown-ion™ with Multiport™


    • Blown-Arc™ Series 


    • Flame Series 
    • Flame Series Pro


    • EnerDyne™ pens